Wedding Entertainment/Band – 5 Tips for Success

5 Tips Every Wedding Entertainment/Band Should Know

Here are the top 5 tips, in no particular order, we believe are essential for any professional wedding Entertainment.

1. Dress for the Occasion

Too many bands we see turn up to weddings in ripped jeans and their favourite band T-shirt and they wonder why they don’t have many bookings..

We believe that in Wedding Entertainment, how you look is just as important as how you sound. Brides spend countless hours setting the scene for their big day putting effort into every detail from the colour of the chair ties to the the font size of seat placements.

So why would they book Wedding Entertainment thats going to show up looking like they’ve just rolled up to the pub?

We take pride in our appearance as any wedding guest should highly recommend that you do you!

2. Play for the Crowd

There are plenty of websites out there telling you exactly the top tunes that bands and DJ’s in wedding entertainment should be playing. Were not saying to stick to that list.. in fact far from it. 50% of your song choices so adhere to the list of top wedding songs but your music tastes are also very important and will go a long way to getting that booking, however as an audience, what we need and what we want are two separate things!!

We WANT our favourite song, that most people probably have never heard of so that we can scream ‘I love this song’ and go mad by ourselves.. But what we need is to her singing along with all our friends and family to a tune that we all know and we can connect as a group.

This is far more fulfilling for an audience and will guarantee that the dance floor is packed.. Which is what we’re employed to do right?

Warble Entertainment Agency have made a fantastic list of failsafe songs that you can find here.

3. Be Punctual, Polite and Professional

No bride I have ever met would thank me for turning up late to her wedding. We prefer to be an hour early than 5 minutes late. Wedding more often than not, run over time and you will probably be sitting in the van long past the time you were asked to arrive but this is a positive as bands tend to have a bad reputation for showing up late or not showing up at all. Being early puts the couple at ease long before they get the chance to worry!

P&Q’s go a long way! Your couple need to know that you appreciate their business and this is the best/only way to show that. No band member should be rude to any guest on or off stage. If as guest is getting out of hand on stage while you are performing, the best way to deal with it is to outright ignore them. They are namely looking to show off and by ignoring them you don’t give them that opportunity and they will like return to the dance floor and do something outrageous there which works in your favour!

4. Delegate Responsibilities.

There is no way we would be able to give the service we provide by having only one person in control of everything. 95% of the job is off stage where you are not a band but a team. In todays fast paced society, clients want very fast replies to their enquiries. By splitting up the workload between everyone you can respond so much quicker making for a better service. If you’re the first band to respond to an initial enquiry, you chances of getting the booking are infinity higher!

5. Media, Media, Media!

Last and by no means least, you’re website and all social media platforms should be updated with videos, pics and info on a regular basis.

Clients want to love you as much as you want them to love you! With lots of media you are not only satisfying the needs of a client but you may also gain a long term fan! you are a part of one of the biggest days in their life, its a huge deal to them and they won’t forget you!

Videos work much better than songs alone. In wedding entertainment you personality is key and that is almost impossible to get across through just a song.

I know videos are a fortune to shoot and studio quality tracks don’t come cheap either. We have never used either of these however. We started with a cheap laptop and an iPhone 3G as a camera and put out as much content as we could until we could afford better recording gear. Our studio is very limited but after practise we have learned to use it just fine and we have now invested in Video recording equipment to take our media to the next level.

We like to take photos from every wedding we do to show off the unique things every wedding has to offer. This not only gives potential clients good content to browse but also shows how much you enjoyed the particular gig you just played!



We hope you find our tips useful and if you think theres anything else that should make the list please leave us a comment!