A Summer Full Of Weddings For Dammit Jack

The End Of A Busy Summer And Into A Busy Autumn With New Ideas


With over 50 weddings during the summer alone Dammit Jack couldn’t be happier with how the season went. With so many incredible moments it certainly has been a season to remember. From extravagant wedding cakes to the most incredible first dances and even collaborating with grooms to perform their own compositions.

New songs are being added to the set list all the time. Although not all of them get the reaction intended. Many shows make it really easy to refine that list and see what really works best. This means that the show is ever evolving, getting better and better all the time.


New Tech Means New Ideas

Dammit Jack have decided to embrace the new technologies that are emerging in the field of live music. Things like ‘Synchronised Tracks’ give them a ‘Big Bass Sound’ that they’ve have never had before.

With this new approach to the live set they can create a much more immersive experience with the sound, making for a really exciting performance. They also hope to be able to incorporate a synchronised lighting experience to match the mood of the different songs, to highlight and lift to performance further.

Looking Forward To Rest Of The Year

Although there are still plenty of wedding bookings for Dammit Jack on the run up to Christmas, they will also be playing lots of public shows through the events of halloween, bonfire night and of course the festive season and new year. They hope to be able to perform for future couple looking for entertainment as well as past couples and fans. 

“We always love to see the people we’ve worked with in the past, hear about the crazy honeymoon stories and how everything’s going. Its also a great opportunity to show off some of our original music”

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