BBC1 Performance – Dammit Jack – All Together Now

Dammit Jacks TV Debut Performance on BBC1! – Watch HERE


Its been a long time since filming in September and not so easy to see quiet about it, but finally Dammit Jack have now been aired on BBC1’s ‘All Together Now’, and while they didn’t score as highly as they’d have liked they couldn’t have been happier with their performance.

“We were so nervous about our performance being aired, we assumed that because we didn’t score as highly as we thought we would, that we must have been doing something drastically wrong, like singing our of key or out of time. I thought that on the night, we did a great job Derby wedding band Dammit Jack on All Together Nowbut you never know.. Thankfully we performed as I remembered and it was just the song choice that didn’t click with the judges”

– George Morritt

“We really did have the best time ever on the show, the chance to play on such an amazing stage doesn’t come around that often. We were not used to playing to a backing track but are now looking at the pro’s and con’s to this idea and are going to have a go at incorporating elements of this into our wedding sets” – Jack Morritt

Front Page Coverage and BBC Radio Derby Interview

Before Saturdays BBC show, Dammit Jack were invited to have an interview with the Derby Evening Telegraph.

They still weren’t allowed to divulge any details like score and song choice but it was a great opportunity to to let their home city know about the show.

“We jokingly said at the end of the interview that we expected to be on the front page. We couldn’t quite believe it when we found out that we were!!” – Howard Morritt

Early Monday morning the lads were a little hungover for their BBC Radio Derby interview, as the first chance to see the show on TV was the night before where they celebrated a little too much…

Luckily for the boys, Heidi (the Interviewer) was lovely and understood the reason for the celebration, the interview went really well and you can hear it here

First on at 0:44:50secs then again at 1:44:30

All in all the whole thing couldn’t have gone any better for Derby wedding band Dammit Jack who now look forward to further improving their performance with fuller sounds and investments into new exciting equipment.

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