Covid Wedding. The New Normal?

Since lockdown in March, Dammit Jack have had only four Covid Weddings due to the new restrictions. With 95% of couples choosing to move back their big day to 2021 or beyond, coronavirus has hit the wedding industry as hard as it gets.

On the bright side the couples that did choose to take the plunge and get married have all said how wonderful and personal the event was. With two of the four weddings performed this summer only allowed 15 guests, the couples really did have to choose only the closest of family and friends for the guest list.

From a suppliers perspective, these small, personal events, are just as wonderful as the big 100+ gatherings we have performed in the past. Every single guest was thrilled to be there and indulged in every moment. It really leads us to believe that we might see a new trend in the wedding industry leaning toward smaller, more intimate weddings like those we have seen during this coronavirus pandemic.

So would we recommend that you do the same and gamble on a covid wedding? Absolutely. If you think that you can see your numbers down to the current restrictions (whatever they may be at the time) then we can guarantee that you have just as wonderful a time as you would filling a huge marquee. If you have a huge family and lots of close friends then maybe its not for you but as far as we’re concerned, quantity does not mean quality and the quality of the covid weddings match that of any other wedding 100%.

To keep up to date with the current restrictions for weddings please see the Government Guidelines here and to check out our services and prices for weddings, please click here

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