Investments In New Camera Equipment – Nottingham Wedding Band
Nottingham Wedding Band – Dammit Jack Invest In New Camera Equipment


Just as any good business should, Dammit Jack believe that the more you put in, the more you get out..

New equipment is always needed in a band anyway, from a £50pm bill for strings to expensive drum cymbals. The ongoing costs have to be closely monitored so that budgets can be kept low while maintaining excellent standards of sound and performance.

With that in mind upgrades in every area of the business are also a key factor in progression, earlier this year the band bought several key components for their home recording studio which you can see here.

This upgrade is closely linked to the last in the way that not only can we now recorded excellent sounding songs but we can also film video to the same standard.

As well as music videos the band have also been using the new equipment to take great photos whilst at key gigs helping to upgrade their social media profile.

PhotographyHoward shot with new camera

Just buying a new camera alone will help, to a certain extent, make pictures better however there is obviously much more to it than that. Therefore George has decided to take an online photography course to improve his knowledge and hopefully over the next few years he will have the opportunities to sharpen his skills and, who knows? Maybe one day Dammit Jack will be able to offer ‘Wedding Photographer’ to their list of services?




As well as photography ‘Nottingham Wedding Band’ Dammit Jack are hugely excited to get into filming their own music videos. Not only can they now record them at home but also shoot them and can’t wait to get starting on a new creative journey.

Quality online media is key to their business, not only in helping to attract new business but also in ongoing relationships with past clients whom we hope we can entertain through social media for many years to come!