Dammit Jack to Release New Music – Unsigned Artist

Finally the time has come for Dammit Jack to release their second album!


After spending last winter writing almost every day, Dammit Jack were hoping to release their new music much much sooner but the spring and summer months were so booked with parties and weddings (which they’re very grateful for), there was no room to take on the mammoth task of arranging, recording and producing a full album.

However the time has come! Although they are still very busy, there has been some breathing space for extra curricular activities!

“We want to be able to give something different to everybody whom we have played for and writing new music is a real fun way to do that”

– Howard Morritt

The album will consist of ten songs which are all very different in their own right with elements of dance, rock, pop.

“The new music is hugely different to our last album but I think it shows how we have changed as a band over the last 10 years, wow.. has it been that long?!?!”

– George Morritt

Dammit Jack will record and produce all of their work in a bedroom studio which has both pros and cons.

“There is much more time to spend on the production when recording at home as you’re not racking up huge costs in a rented studio however the workload is much higher as production is much slower because we don’t do it on a day to day basis!”

– Jack Morritt



The album will be available for free on Spotify and also a purchasable copy will be on itunes

“We only want for people to hear and enjoy our music as much as we do. We love our work as a wedding band and this is another way for us to show it”

Р George Morritt

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