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Dammit Jacks BBC Radio Derby Interview

Dammit Jack were very proud to be interviewed early this month by BBC Radio Derby. The focus of the interview was regarding the BBC1 performance which aired just days before. With a sore head from the celebrations they had the night before whist watching the show, the interview with Heidi was great fun. They had the chance to discuss how they felt about the score and what the future has in store for the band.

“We were worried that we has sung out of key or something as the score didn’t reflect how we believed we performed. We were really nervous about the show. However when we listened back we though we did a great job and were really happy with the song. I guess it just didn’t connect with the judges as we had hoped” – Jack Morritt

Although the score they got on the show wasn’t what they were hoping for, the media attention they received was amazing and they are looking forward to playing live on BBC Radio Derby in June.

Thousands Spent On New Speaker System

With more weddings booked this summer than ever before, it was time for Dammit Jack to take things to the next level. Aside form being immensely heavy, their old speaker system was starting to get a little dated so the boys decided to invest in a state of the art system that would last for many years to come.

“The new system will not only sound much better, it will also make us more efficient as far as set up times as it should now be even quicker than before!” – Howard Morritt

The next stage of our progress is to move into the realms of playing to a very discrete backing track, this will allow them to have much more impact with bass and after time maybe some synths too!

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