Nottingham Wedding Band at The Royal Regatta

The Royal Regatta at Henley

Well what an exciting event fo Nottingham Wedding Band ‘Dammit Jack’ to be invited to! The weather was on prefect form as was the rowing with Dammit Jack performing the soundtrack, playing four sets a day from the Wednesday afternoon through to the Friday night.

Nottingham Wedding Band Working in Events

One of the most fun things about working in events is the opportunity to get to know the team your working with. All the security were so good, as were the bar team and organisers. We got to hear some hilarious stories which you don’t tend to hear that often as a¬†Nottingham wedding band!



Camping on Site

Unlike the Badminton Horse Trials, we stayed on site for this event which really made for a great experience especially as the weather was so kind to us. Driving back to hotels means you don’t really get the opportunity to stay and enjoy yourself so much.

After the evening performance the events team were kind enough to let us in the the V.I.P section of the hugely popular ‘Mahiki Bar’ which we would otherwise never been able to afford. It really was incredible. The DJ’s were absolutely top quality with whom we had the pleasure of getting to know well.

Fashion and Style

It was so much fun to see all the different choices of clothing that were worn at this event. Everybody was dressed to the nines despite the heat.

We would have loved to wear our tuxedos but unfortunately it was just to hot to perform in them, even during the evening sets!

Maybe if were lucky enough to go back next year it might be slightly cooler and we’ll be able to join in with the extravagant fashion styles!

For tickets to next years Royal Regatta please click here

Maybe we’ll see you there! x