Professional Wedding Band New Album Release Date + BBC Performance!

Professional Wedding Band Dammit Jack Are Still Hard On It!

Professional Wedding Band Winter can often be a quiet time for wedding bands especially during Jan and Feb.

However Dammit Jack have been hard at work.. Their new album ‘Begin’ is now ready for pro mixing and mastering at the incredible Prism Studios. The first dates set for the mix are 9th and 10th of March.

‘Begin’ Mix and Master 

Professional Wedding Band at Prism Studios

“We had hoped to have the album ready in time for our BBC performance but we’d rather wait and get it right with the right producer than rush it” – Howard Morritt

“Shaw at Prism Studios is the best I’ve ever worked with and wouldn’t want anyone else, he’s always busy for a reason and well worth the wait!” – George Morritt


BBC Performance for ALL TOGETHER NOW coming up in March!

It has been hard to keep quiet about it since filming but finally we have a date that we believe we will be aired….

Saturday, 9th March 7.30pm BBC1 – Whoop Whoop Whoop!!

“We are all a little nervous about the performance as you never know how you came across, luckily we are gigging that night at The Holly Bush Inn in Marehay, so we can watch the show the next day with hopefully a few less nerves!!” – Jack Morrittprofessional wedding band at bbc1

All in all the group are super excited to be on the show as it is their biggest single achievement to date. They hope to be able to use the footage on their website to show off their achievement, although the performance was not their usual as they had to perform to backing tracks..

“Backing tracks are not really our thing but its good to be versatile and it did make for a very entertaining show although I don’t think we’ll be changing our act anytime soon! haha” – Dammit Jack.



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