Wedding Band From Derby Build Their Own Studio!

Wedding Band To Invest In New Studio Gear

As a wedding band you should always find it important to give clients top quality media to browse for two reasons..

  1. To give potential clients a good idea of our sound without the effort of having to come and see us live.
  2. To give clients that have already booked, new and fun material for them to get excited about!

We also very much enjoy writing and recording our original material.

After much research we decided to invest in a couple of extra bits of ‘gear’ to our existing setup.. A Universal Twin-Finity 710 Mic preamp (for warmer/brighter sounding vocals) and a DBX 166XS to help with vocal mixing..

New studio gear for wedding band new mic preamp for wedding band


We feel as though writing original material is a very important part of being a wedding band / cover band

Although we don’t play our own songs at our private events we still find that original material helps us to connect with people on a more personal level.

Our first album was recorded at Prism Studios in Stoke-on-Trent many years ago, so a home recording will be a massive new challenge for us which we are hugely excited about! During this time we will also be uploading monthly videos of our cover songs to our youtube channel. We aim to have our second album ready for launch in July 2018.

With our previous videos we were recording the audio directly into the audio interface, while this still had good results, we feel its now time to upgrade the sound.

You can hear our previous recordings here – Dancing On My Own Cover

The video was filmed at Fleet Street arts studio with what little lighting we had at the time, we hope to invest in some new bright white lights for improved video quality also.

We can wait to share the new sounds and will be uploading our first cover video in January 2018!

Watch this space! 🙂